Gaby Soto

Computer Animation Major, Business Minor

               Gaby is a venezuelan artist currently pursuing her Computer Animation bachelors degree at Ringling College of Art + Design.  Her ambition and passion for learning has propelled her forward in her education in several different areas. She is fluent in English, Spanish, and French and is proficient in Italian and American Sign Language (ASL). She loves to travel and considers the world her home. 



               Gaby has recently acknowledged her skills as a leader. Her time management, organizational skills and leadership skills have allowed her to become a successful leader in any situation she is confronted with. Managing her own AirBnb business for 2 and a half years has allowed Gaby to acquire many useful skills including: Creative problem solving, task departmentalization, prompt decision making and team work. Apart from animation she is also highly passionate about production management.


               Her mission is to create an environment for professionals to produce their best work. While encouraging others, Gaby hopes to continue motivating herself to strive towards excellence and live a happy and healthy life.


"Gabriela exemplifies determination and focus in all her pursuits. She sets goals, targets and makes plans to meet these successfully. Gabriela has a very global perspective with concerns, interests and experiences. She is very versatile... which can only happen when you are efficient and thorough with your planning and time management."



"She is mature, creative, and very talented. She displays great integrity and judgement. She is self-directed, open to suggestion, and advice on her work, which she heeds, understands, and then makes her own."



"Gaby is a highly motivated, professional and responsible person. I have found her to be extremely eager and attentive, consistent and reliable with her expectations. She has shown to have extremely good organizational skills and has developed new ways to help improve the organization in the office."



She exceeds most of her peers with her professional demeanor and dedication. Her learning and guidance capabilities have proven to be tactful, accurate, and evident. Her knowledge, skills, and abilities make her a great communicator. Not only is her intellectual capacity superior, but she also exhibits high emotional intelligence. Her managerial skills and character make her an ideal candidate to assist and guide others. Ms. Soto’s excellent and refined approach to the execution of the tasks at hand makes it easy to work and collaborate with her.